Ways to Give

The Office of Development can assist you when you make your gifts to Bethel. Simply give us a call at 731-352-4044, mail us at PO Box 127, or e-mail us at mccartneyk@bethelu.edu to determine a time to talk with us about your wishes. As you determine how you will give to Bethel, we encourage you to consider the following donor options.



  • Cash gifts are fully deductible for federal income tax purposes, provided you itemize deductions.

Monthly Bank or Credit Card Draft


  • If you make a pledge or larger gift commitment you can choose to deduct smaller monthly payments to meet your commitment from a checking account or credit card. To discuss bank or credit card draft, please contact Bethel’s Office of Development at 731-352-4044 or at 731-410-3023.


  • Because terms for payment on pledges are flexible, you can plan a way to give to Bethel that is both convenient and tax smart. A pledge allows you the opportunity to offer a more significant gift than you might be able to make otherwise.

Matching Gifts

  • Be sure to check with your employer and with your spouse’s employer to see if the companies match contributions made by employees or their spouses. Many times, matching programs can double or even triple the value of your personal contribution. Check with your Human Resources Office or corporate website to see if your employer will match your gift to Bethel.



  • A gift-in-kind is a gift to Bethel other than actual cash. This could include art collections, books, computers, equipment, or even certain types of services. Most gift-in-kinds are eligible for a tax deduction. Please contact the Office of Development at 731-352-4044 or at 731-410-3023 if you think you have a gift-in-kind that could benefit Bethel.

Real Estate

  • Transferring ownership of property to Bethel can help you avoid capital gains taxes, reduce federal estate taxes, lower your current income tax and possibly increase your income.


  • Securities can be made as outright gifts or as payment on pledge. Stock certificates can be reassigned directly to Bethel, or they may be transferred through the donor’s broker. The mean market value on the date of the transfer will determine the value of the gift for tax purposes. Please contact the Office of Development at 731-352-4044 or at 731-410-3023 before you make any transactions.